Development Strategy

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Understanding India's New Political Economy: A Great Transformation? (with Sanjay Ruparelia, John Harriss and Stuart Corbridge)
London and New York, Routledge, 2011

International Trade and Labor Standards: A Proposal for Linkage (with Christian Barry)
New York, Columbia University Press, 2008

The UN’s Development Function: Time for Renewal

Development, November 2018, pp. 1-7.

$1.90 a day: What does it say? (with Rahul Lahoti)
The New Left Review, Jan-Feb 2016, vol. 97. 

Randomise This!: On Poor Economics
The Journal of the Foundation for Agrarian Studies, July-December 2012, Vol 2, No. 2.

Public Policy Analysis Today and Tomorrow
Jindal Journal of Public Policy, Volume 1, Issue 1, August 2012

Economics and Human Rights: A Non- Conversation
Journal of Human Development, Vol. 12, No.1, February 2011, pp. 63-72.

Development Aid and Economic Growth: A Positive Long-Run Relation (with Camelia Minoiu).
Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 2010, 50(1), pp. 27-39.
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Real Income Stagnation of Countries: 1960-2001 (with Camelia Minoiu)
Journal of Development Studies, Volume 45, Issue 1, pp. 1-23, 2009

Global Development Goals: The Costs of Epistemic Conceit (with Antoine Heuty)
Economic and Political Weekly, February 9, 2008, XLIII(6), pp. 68-73.

Global Development Goals: The Folly of Technocratic Pretensions (with Antoine Heuty)
Development and Policy Review, Volume 26, Issue 1, 2008, pp. 5-28.

Learning to Learn: Undoing the Gordian Knot of Development Today” (with Charles Sabel)
Challenge, Sept. 2007, Vol. 50, Issue 5, pp. 73-92.

Death in China: Life Expectancy and Economic Reforms
New Left Review, Volume 45, 2007, pp. 49-65.

Aid Does Matter After All: Revisiting the Relationship between Aid and Growth (with Camelia Minoiu)
Challenge, Volume 50, Issue 2, pp. 39-58, 2007.

International Trade and Labor Standards: A Proposal for Linkage (with Christian Barry)
Cornell International Law Journal, Vol. 39, No. 3, 2007, pp. 545-639.

Peer and Partner Review: A Practical Approach to Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (with Antoine Heuty)
Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp. 399-420, 2005.

Can Corporate Social Responsibility Make a Contribution to International Solidarity and the Quest for Social Justice in the South?
Response to Franck Amalric, Development, Vol. 47, No. 3, Sept. 2004, pp. 3-8.

Beyond the State vs. the Market
Development, September 1997.

An Independent Press Working Against Famine: The Nigerian Experience
Journal of Modern African Studies, 1988 # 2.

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International Trade as a Means to Diverse Ends: Development, Workers, the Environment, and Global Public Goods
Published as a Foreword in Trade in the Service of Sustainable Development, edited by Olivier De Schutter

Critique of Dollar and Kraay on Trade, Growth and Poverty (with H. Nye)
published in Globalization and the Problem of Poverty, ed. Paul Collier and Jan Willem Gunning, Edward Elgar, 2008, pp. 343-353.

Aid Does Matter After All: Revisiting the Relationship between Aid and Growth (with Camelia Minoiu)
Published in Growth Divergences: Explaining Differences in Economic Performance, edited by Jose Antonio Ocampo, Jomo K.S. and Robert Vos, United Nations Publications and Zed Books, 2007, pp. 257-279.

Safety Nets for the Poor: A Missing International Dimension?
In Pro-Poor Macroeconomics: Potential and Limitations, ed. G.A. Cornia, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006, pp. 144-165.

A Rising Tide of Demands: India's Public Institutions and the Democratic Revolution
in Public Institutions in India: Performance and Design, ed. Devesh Kapur and Pratap Bhanu Mehta. New Delhi, Oxford University Press, 2005, pp. 457-475.

The Impact of Adjustment Related Social Funds on Income Distribution and Poverty (with Giovanni Andrea Cornia)
in Inequality, Growth and Poverty in an Era of Liberalization and Globalization, ed. G.A. Cornia , Oxford University Press, 2004, pp. 271-294.

Strategies of Social Provision: Key Design Issues
in Social Provision in Low-Income Countries ed. G.Mwabu, C.Ugaz and G.White, Oxford University Press, 2001, pp. 101-122.

  • Book Reviews

World Development Report, 2006: A Brief Review
Economic and Political Weekly, Oct. 15th, 2005, pp. 4502-4504, republished, inter alia, in Pambazuka News.

The Dilemmas of Globalization
in Ethics and International Affairs, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2001, pp. 159-173.

With cash transfers, both BJP and Congress are showing no imagination in fighting poverty

The Print, March 29, 2019.

All that is Wrong with Modi Govt’s Obsession with Ease of Doing Business Rankings

The Print, November 27, 2018.

UNDP Data on Poverty Show Gains are in Line with Modi’s Slogan, not a Product of it

The Print, October 26, 2018.

Warning Signs from Africa?

The New Internationalist, July 1st, 2018. 

Does the World really need Development Goals? (With Ingrid Kvangraven)
Financial Times, August 28th, 2015.

Economics Beyond the Economists
Economic and Political Weekly, August 17th, 2013.

Underwriting the Poor (with Olivier De Schutter) 
Project Syndicate, June 6th, 2012.

Bias for Workers Would Foster Asia Trade
Financial Times, May 14th, 2012.

Knowledge in Development: Fostering Knowledge Generation in the Global South
Triple Crisis, March 2nd, 2010.

Right to Food Act: Essential but Inadequate" (with Rahul Lahoti) 
Op-ed in The Hindu (India), July 28th 2009.

Interview with Sanjay Reddy, in Shaikh, Nermeen, The Present as History: Critical Perspectives on Global Power
forthcoming in Dec. 2007 from Columbia University Press.

Alternative Ways to Link Trade with Labour Standards (with Christian Barry) 
Financial Times, 2nd June, 2007.

False Dilemma of the Sweatshop (with Christian Barry) 
Financial Times, 24th July, 2006.

Promoting Poor Countries’ Interests in the International Trading System: A Proposal (with Christian Barry) 
Economic Times (India), December 8th 2005.

A Forceful Message, but Will it End Poverty? (with Antoine Heuty) op-ed, The Hindu (India) 
April 22nd 2005, republished as “One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Learning from India’s Fight Against Poverty” in IAEA Bulletin 47/1, 2005, pp. 19-20.

  • Reports and Other Work 

The Role of BRICS in the World Economy & International Development

Prepared for the  New Development Bank, September 2017.

Strategies for Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals
Background Paper for UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, February 2016. 

Introduction: Towards the Arab Renaissance. 
UNDP Arab Development Challenges Background Paper 2011, 2011: 5-11.

Institutions for Innovation: Reflections on an Agenda for Long-Term Development (in Portuguese)
Report of Conference Remarks. Presidency of The Republic of Brazil. Secretary of Strategic Affairs. Brasilia, 2009.

Pro-Poor Macroeconomic Policy: Lessons from the Asia-Pacific Region.
UNDP Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific, 2008: 39.

Financing Basic Social Services, (with J. Harrington and C.Porter) 
in Choices for the Poor: Lessons from National Poverty Strategies, ed. A. Grinspun, New York: UNDP, 2001, pp. 173-202.

Social Funds in Developing Countries: Recent Experiences and Lessons
Unicef Staff Working Paper, 1998.

The Role and Reform of the State (with Anthony Pereira)
Discussion paper of the Office of Development Studies, United Nations Development Programme,1998.

Toward Adjustment for Development: Sustainable and People-Centred
Paper prepared for the United Nations Development Programme, 1997.

User Financing of Basic Social Services: Theory and Experiences (with Jan Vandemoortele)
Unicef Staff Working Paper, 1996.

Social Safety Nets in Latin America and East Asia: A Comparative Study
Paper prepared for the World Bank, 1994.

Global Development Goals: If at all, Why, When and How? (With Ingrid Kvangraven)
Working Paper (2015)

Making Trade Policy Work for the Poor: Shifting from Dogma to Detail (with Howard Nye)
Working Paper (2002).

Realizing the Promise of an Indian Democracy
Working Paper (1999).

Planning is Dead. Long Live Planning! 
Working Paper (2015)