Ethics and Economics

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Poverty Beyond Obscurantism

Forthcoming in Beck, V./Hahn, H./Lepenies, R. (Eds.): Dimensions of Poverty. Springer: Heidelberg/Berlin (expected publication in 2019).

Entitlements and Capabilities (with Adel Daoud)

Forthcoming in Handbook of the Capability Approach. 

The Roots of the Crisis
Forthcoming in Peter Berkowitz ed., The Burden of Our Times (Projected Title).

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  • Reports and Other Work

From Principles to Practice: A Method for Identifying Income Sufficiency when Applying International Legal Standards 

Working Paper for ILO Social Protection Department, 2018. 


The Freedom to Choose Freely
Working Paper (1997).

Collective Rights: Concept and Content
Working Paper (1994).