WORLD DATA: THE Global Consumption and Income Project (GCIP)

The Global Consumption and Income Project (GCIP) aims to provide a deeper understanding of the evolution of material well-being both within and across countries, for regions and the world as a whole, extending from description to interpretation and explanation. As part of the effort we are developing two separate datasets (the Global Consumption Dataset (GCD) and the Global Income Dataset (GID)) containing an unprecedented portrait of consumption and income of persons over time, within and across countries, across the world .  It is not an exaggeration to say that it is and will be the most comprehensive such resource available.  The datasets, based on underlying surveys, present estimates of monthly real consumption and income for arbitrarily specified quantiles of the population (a ‘consumption/income profile' for deciles in the benchmark version) for the vast majority of countries in the world (more than 140) for every year for more than half a century (1960-2013) in 2005 PPP dollars (extendable to market exchange rates and other PPP base years and concepts). We intend to provide the database and the in-built tools for analysis to interested researchers, government, international organizations, public interest organizations, and the general public in the near future. Our intent is that GCIP should meet a high standard of transparency and documentation, allowing for third-party replication, updating and the adoption of alternate assumptions for the selection and treatment of data from the underlying universe, unlike current databases. We aim to update the database on an ongoing basis if suitable resources can be found.  We welcome all enquiries from possible supporters and partners.

A detailed website with more information about the project, data and analysis is under construction. This page will meanwhile present announcements regarding the project and provide links to some of our related papers and presentations .



On April 15th, 2016, we will  hold an open public event in New York to launch the Global Consumption and Income Project, making the unprecedented data on material living standards that we have collected for the first time freely available to all users.  The event, featuring the project team and distinguished respondents, will also be live streamed on an address to be announced.  

More details about the event can be found in the event flyer


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The GCIP is a resource that can be useful for understanding a wide range of questions -- including ones related to poverty, inequality, inclusivity of growth and development and their causes and consequences in the world, in major regions, and in individual countries.  The project began as a way to sidestep the difficulties faced by the creators when they attempted to obtain such data from existing sources and to put it in a form which permitted meaningful comparisons and composite portraits.  Our aim is to create a comprehensive and up-to-date resource that is both sophisticated and as transparent as possible in its methods of construction and thus maybe used with confidenceby specialists and the general public as well as eventually modified and updated by them according to their own methodological preferences.  The GCIP relies heavily on data originating from other sources.  Although we use our best judgment where needed to choose such data, the GCIPimports both the good and bad features of the original data. The project team presently consists of Arjun Jayadev (UMASS Boston), Sanjay G. Reddy (The New School) and Rahul Lahoti (University of Goettingen).