Journal Articles

Developing Just Monetary Arrangements
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Beyond the State vs. the Market
Development, September 1997.

Claims to Expert Knowledge and the Subversion of Democracy: The Triumph of Risk over Uncertainty
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An Independent Press Working Against Famine: The Nigerian Experience
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Book Chapters

The International Monetary Fund
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Strategies of Social Provision: Key Design Issues
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Book Reviews

The Dilemmas of Globalization
in Ethics and International Affairs, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2001, pp. 159-173.

Reports and Other Work

Social Funds in Developing Countries: Recent Experiences and Lessons
Unicef Staff Working Paper, 1998.

The Role and Reform of the State (with Anthony Pereira)
Discussion paper of the Office of Development Studies, United Nations Development Programme,1998.

Toward Adjustment for Development: Sustainable and People-Centred
Paper prepared for the United Nations Development Programme, 1997.

User Financing of Basic Social Services: Theory and Experiences (with Jan Vandemoortele)
Unicef Staff Working Paper, 1996.

Social Safety Nets in Latin America and East Asia: A Comparative Study
Paper prepared for the World Bank, 1994.

Op-Eds, Letters, Interviews, etc.

Economics and Inequality: Blindness and Insight
in IAFFE (International Association for Feminist Economics), News Briefs, September 2004.