Social Protection

  • Books

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Entitlements and Capabilities (with Adel Daoud)

Forthcoming in Handbook of the Capability Approach. 

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Published as a Foreword in Trade in the Service of Sustainable Development, edited by Olivier De Schutter, 2015, pp. V-XVI.

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From Principles to Practice: A Method for Identifying Income Sufficiency when Applying International Legal Standards

Working Paper for ILO Social Protection Department, 2018. 

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Unicef Staff Working Paper, 1998.

The Role and Reform of the State (with Anthony Pereira)
Discussion paper of the Office of Development Studies, United Nations Development Programme,1998.

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Unicef Staff Working Paper, 1996.

Social Safety Nets in Latin America and East Asia: A Comparative Study
Paper prepared for the World Bank, 1994.

Warning Signs from Africa?

The New Internationalist, July 1st, 2018. 

Labour Accounts for a Small Proportion of Overall Unit Cost
Financial Times, 22nd July, 2013.

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False Dilemma of the Sweatshop (with Christian Barry)
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Promoting Poor Countries’ Interests in the International Trading System: A Proposal (with Christian Barry)
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Pareto Improving International Labor Standards Agreements: A Simple Model
Working Paper (2006).

Bargaining and Distribution: Essays on International Integration and National Regulation
PhD Thesis, Harvard University, August, 2000